Dance Etiquette: All Skill Levels

Following dance floor etiquette helps everyone to have fun. Simply put, it means being courteous and respectful to those around you. It's more important for a social dancer to be a considerate and thoughtful partner than to be a technically expert dancer. Following the rules and suggestions given here will help you to become a successful and appreciated dance partner.

Improves Your Skills
Dancing with partners of all different levels is a great way to make new friends and an excellent way to improve your skills as a dancer! When you dance with a less skilled partner, you have a great opportunity to become crystal clear in your leading / following skills and movement technique. Dancing with more skilled individuals can vastly improve your understanding of how the dance "should" feel (and the most skilled of dancers will make you look absolutely fabulous!).

Dancing with Someone Less Skilled than You
Be gracious - stick to stuff she or he can handle, and then, when you are comfortable with each other's dancing (and only then), slip in something one degree harder (or maybe 2 things). Try coming back to that one or two things later in the dance to help your partner become more comfortable with them; don't push it if they're stuggling. Never over-dance your partner's capabilities. Always try to make your partner look and feel like a terrific dancer.

Dancing with Someone More Skilled than You.
First, take a deep breath and relax as much as possible; this will make everything easier. Concentrate, smile, and do your best. Suppress the urge to apologize. Don't worry if you mess up things - even the best dancers make mistakes - just smile and move on. It'll get easier every time! Remember, every advanced dancer has been exactly where you are now and each of them was helped along by dancers more skilled than themselves.